Friday, December 3, 2010

Beginning a New Series of Blogs

In my previous four blog series, I tried to have a certain commonality of subject for each one. Now, I am starting a new blog series which I plan to use to express my general beliefs, feelings, philosophy etc. I am not sure anyone will be that interested, but I think I am doing this mostly for myself. To put down a few things about things in general before it's too late.  (I am 79.)

Each of my previous blog series had as part of their url or web address some words from Gaelic, the official national language of Ireland. Official but only about 500,000 citizens can speak it. However, I laud their attempt to preserve their heritage.  I am half German --- (Hochwalt/Binder) and half Irish ---  (McManamy/Barry). And for some reason, I always have  thought being part Irish was something special  -- at least in my eyes.

This new series will have in its address --- The word "tairseach" which in Gaelic means "threshold", door.

Since I not going to worry about what I write or how much of my personal feelings or ideas I expose to the reader, I have decided I will announce this new "project" to some of my friends and you can do
one of three things: 1. Choose to "subscribe" to the blogs through RSS or Atom. At the far right of your browser's address space, you will see either RSS or some other icon. Just click on that icon and whenever, I post a blog, it will appear either on your browser or in one of a number of "news readers" --most of them free. e.g. NetNewsWire for Macs (free) or FeedReader3 for PC's (also free).  If you want to try a free news reader, you can try the first one mentioned if you have a Mac, or the second one, if you use a PC. 2. You can simply send me a email and ask me to let you know when I post a blog, and if you find you are not interested  -- just trash these emails or let me know to "cease and desist". Remember I am doing these blogs mostly just for myself. 3. Do nothing and life goes on. No problems.

I have no idea how often I will feel like blogging. bob hochwalt